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Q1 2012

Press Release- Failing the Green Dream

Greenwise-IT identifies the single reason why CIOs will fail to meet their Green Objectives.

Following an extensive survey of government departments, agencies and local authorities, analysis surprisingly reveals that little if any ‘baselining’ of the environmental impact of IT has been undertaken prior to the implementation of ‘Green IT’ initiatives. As Robin Pearson, the Sales and Communications Director at Greenwise-IT states, ‘our experience has shown that in order to justify the time, effort and money spent on any Green IT initiative you must be able to demonstrate real and meaningful benefits. To do this it is absolutely essential that you must first fully understand and quantify your present situation i.e. the starting point must always be a Baseline assessment of the present situation.’

Only by starting with a Baseline assessment will you be able to:

1. Have an objective point from which to measure the success of your Green IT improvement initiatives, and therefore have the ability to measure the success of the initiative and justify further investment.

2. Make informed decisions about which Green IT improvement initiatives will actually be worthwhile and give you the required Return on Investment.

It is important to note that to be truly meaningful the IT Carbon Footprint assessment must include more than simply Tier 1 emissions (energy consumed directly by IT equipment). Uniquely the Greenwise-IT Carbon Footprint measurement includes the often overlooked Tier 2 (emissions related to IT support activities), and Tier 3 (emissions relating to energy consumed in the hardware life cycle) emissions. Only by including the Tier 2 and Tier 3 emissions can you develop an IT Carbon Footprint that is truly reflective of all IT related energy consumption.

Having measured the IT related Carbon Footprint comparisons can be made with similar organisations and opportunities for reduction can be identified and prioritised, focussing on the areas of greatest commercial and environmental benefit.


August 2011

Greenwise-IT Survey
The results of the greenWise-it survey into the Green IT practices of Councils and local authorities within the United Kingdom has now been completed.

The results seem to show that there is a great deal of ‘so called’ Green IT activity taking place, but given the lack of a clear Green IT strategy in the vast majority of Councils, the value of this Green IT activity must be questionable.

Some key points:
Over 80% of the Councils that responded claimed to have undertaken some form of Green IT activity over the past 12 months. However, less than 1% of the Councils that responded admitted to having a defined Green IT strategy. Nor would it seem that many Councils have any intention of improving this situation, as less that 2% of Councils had undertaken any specific Green IT training for their IT Staff, and only 1 in 50 Councils had appointed a member of staff to have specific responsibility for Green IT Issues.


July 2011

greenWise Breakfast Briefings

The Green IT breakfast briefings, held in Singapore, Dubai, London, and Toronto, during April & May have been judged a great success.

Attendance was high, with over 120 people attending the two briefings held in Toronto.

The subject of the briefings was how organisations need to develop an all embracing Green IT strategy in advance of government legislation relating to corporate Carbon Footprint allowances. The premise being that the vast majority of organisations today have no Green IT Strategy. Instead they adopt a ‘fragmented’ approach, which consists of some virtualisation, some power management technologies, and some gestures toward supplier management. However this is not enough. What is required is a long term all-embracing strategic approach to reducing the carbon footprint of IT – after all this is what future legislation will require!

If you missed the seminars and want to know more about the greenWise-it approach to developing a Green IT Strategy then please contact us at

April 2011

greenWise-it partner with East African Consultancy
greenWise-it is pleased to announce that they have entered into a close working collaboration with one of the leading IT Consulting firms in East Africa – Clone Consulting ( The aim of this collaboration is for both organisations to work together in partnership to develop and promote the use of Green IT throughout Kenya and other East African countries. One immediate area of collaborating that both organisations are currently driving forward is the scheduling of a Green IT Fundamentals course in Nairobi during Q4 2009.